Our Mission is...

To listen to your needs, desires, and concerns about your health.

To provide safe, effective, time-tested treatment that relieve symptoms while making your whole body stronger.

To get clinical results in the shortest time possible, and help as many people as possible.

To support your decisions about your health and your healthcare goals.

To witness your journey with caring and empathy.

Our Philosophy rests on...

...the belief that your body knows how to heal.  The best clinician helps this natural process along, without causing new problems like side effects or dependency.

...the belief that interventions like acupuncture, medicines, surgery, massage, meditation, prayer, exercise, herbal and nutritional therapy all can and should be used to activate the body's self-healing capabilities.  

...the belief that you must define for yourself what success, relief, and health mean for you, and decide what recommended treatment is right for you. 

...the belief that recent discoveries in biophysics and embryology will continue to illuminate the wisdom, accuracy, and efficacy of traditional acupuncture practices.


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