What we do

relieve pain

our methods relieve neuropathic, nociceptive, and psychogenic pain be affecting the central and peripheral nerves

blood flow

with acupuncture we can increase blood flow to treat specific problems:  to speed tissue healing after injury, or to increase function of reproductive organs

reduce inflammation

acupuncture reduces inflammation both locally and systemically

regulate hormones

acupuncture and Chinese herbs positively affect the endocrine system, improving mood, energy level, and fertility

How We Do It


insertion of tiny needles in specific points, somtimes near the site of the problem, sometimes not

Chinese Herbs

completely different approach from western allopathic tradition.  many herbs used together in complex combinations to relieve symptoms without causing side-effects

Moxa Heat Therapy

radiant heat from burning Chinese mugwort produces a specific wavelength of infrared heat that is very beneficial to cells and relieves pain and heals tissue

Cupping, GuaSha, & TuiNa

manual therapies that don't require needles, these relax muscles and tendons improve blood flow and relieve pain