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Clinic Update on Covid-19: We Are and Will Remain Open...

This post will explain our clinic policies regarding the Covid-19 crisis, give useful information about supporting your immune system during the crisis, and show you why now is a great time to get Chinese Medicine treatment. We also want you to know who should not come to the clinic during these next few weeks.

**DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this post is intended, nor should be taken as medical advice. I am an expert in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, NOT an expert in Infectious Disease, Public Health, Epidemiology or Immunology. Please rely on your physician and public health experts in such matters. **

Please Read to the End for an Important Message.


  1. We will not be treating any patients with cough or fever. Do not come to the clinic if you have either of these symptoms, or if someone in your household has these symptoms. (See #5 below)

  2. All patients must wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitizer upon arriving at the clinic. We ask that you not bring anyone else with you to your appointment.

  3. Tissues are provided as usual in the lobby and treatment rooms. Please use these if you need to touch your face, nose, or eyes and dispose of immediately. All our waste bins are pedal-operated.

  4. We will wipe down surfaces with twice the regular frequency, and any surfaces touched in the treatment room will be sanitized between each patient.

  5. If you do have cough, fever, or other potentially infectious symptoms, we will offer free phone consultation for herbal medicine. We have a great relationship with our patients, and we are here for you in this challenging time, even if you just need to talk. Herbs can be drop-shipped to you if you need them.(subject to availability)

  6. We are a small private clinic with low traffic, and rarely have more than one patient in our waiting room. However if you prefer to come at a time when no other patients are present, just ask!

  7. There will be no needling of points on the face, use of the face cradle on the treatment table, or use of non-disposable teacups (or cupping cups) in the clinic until the Covid-19 scare has passed.


We will observe all clean needle technique precautions and as usual. Since we will not be treating patients infected with Covid-19 or presenting with Covid-19-like symptoms in our clinic, we feel the benefits of acupuncture to our patients, outweigh any risk of exposure to our patients or to the community at large. If circumstances should change or new epidemiological data should arise, we will adjust these policies and practices accordingly. We continue to follow the current recommended CDC guidelines to avoid gathering of more than 50 people and observe the recommendations of all professional regulatory bodies and all local and federal laws. Your health and safety are our top priority.


Acupuncture boosts your immune system. Stimulation of acupoints ST36 and Du14 with acupuncture and/or moxa heat therapy are proven to increase the production of white blood cells for a stronger immune response. Moxa heat therapy at LI4 (on the hand) increases local temperature in the face & nose, making the "front lines" of your body better defended, reducing risk.

Acupuncture relieves anxiety and stress and regulates the nervous system. Elevated stress hormones can reduce efficiency of your body's ability to defend against pathogens. Taking good care of yourself now can reduce the severity should you become infected with any disease.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs promote healthy spleen and lung function. These are closely linked in TCM. Stimulation of acupuncture points at Ren17 and Lu7 and Sp4 (especially with electro-acupuncture) deliver qi (aka electrons) to these organs, promoting production of white blood cells needed for proper immune defense and supporting the electrical polarity at mucus membranes and skin (Wei Qi) that helps prevent bacteria and viruses from adhering and replicating.


1. Get adequate sleep 2. Reduce anxiety with prayer, meditation, frequent walks, laughter, etc. 3. Limit rich food like sugar, oxidized fats, and iron-rich foods. 4. Get sunshine every day. 5. Supplement with Vitamins C, D, A, & Zinc, and a daily probiotic. 6. Eat "lost foods" often missing from modern diet: bitter and green herbs, fermented foods. 7. Keep the back of your neck warm. 8. Avoid cold foods and drinks. 9. Get out in nature whenever you can.

I will be updating and adding more content to this post in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. Stay safe. Stay calm. Enjoy this time to be still. Take time to feel awe at how many things go right in our bodies and in our societies at every moment of every day in order for this miracle - the Light of consciousness- to go on. It will prevail.

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