Get rid of pain for good with Acupuncture

Excellent for acute and chronic pain. When compared to  standard treatments,  Acupuncture is:

  • Effective & Cost-effective

  • Well-researched

  • Non-Invasive & Safe

  • Health-Promoting & Relaxing

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At New Channel Wellness,  Integrative Acupuncture Treatments give you lasting relief by combining the best of traditional East Asian Medicine with modern neuroscience.

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Acupuncture relieves your pain by:

  • regulating activity in the nervous system

  • boosting local anti-inflammatory and circulation effects

  • reprograming the brain to process pain signals differently

  • promoting healing of diseased tissue.

Acupuncture began with observations made by doctors in ancient East Asia.  Treatment methods were tried and tested over many, many generations.  Though rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy and culture, acupuncture of today is used in modern clinical settings - even hospitals - throughout the world.


Results and mechanism of action of acupuncture are confirmed by research studies in modern neuro-anatomy, embryology, and biophysics. 

Countless generations have known that acupuncture works, but modern medicine is only now beginning to understand how and why it works!

I couldn't stand long enough to cook a meal, I had so much pain in my leg.  After two treatments, the pain is gone!  I had this for months!

Amazing!  When I came in here, my knee hurt so bad, for weeks! And's just...gone.

...knee spasms, right shoulder and low back pain.  I was not sleeping...I am thrilled to state I am sleeping and my complaints have almost disappeared.

Jeffrey, Patient

Tuwanda, Patient

Betty, Patient

--5 Stars on Yelp and Google.

Hundreds of Happy, Pain-free Customers

Jennifer Kapraun, L.Ac. gets patients the relief they seek.  
Clinical Expertise & Success with 1000s of Patients
12+ Years Experience
 Diverse Patient Populations and Clinical Settings
Nationally Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology
Advanced Credentials in Fertility Enhancement & Neuromeridian Acupuncture
Deep Reverence for the living roots of East Asian Medicine
Gentle, Responsive Needling Techniques & Assertive Treatment Regimens
It doesn't matter how long you've had the pain.  New Channel Wellness  offers  relief for:

Neuro-meridian Acupuncture

Using neuro-anatomy research and a device that produces gentle electron currents Neuro-meridian Acupuncture resets nerve signaling, releases tight muscles, and gets weak muscles working again.


Traditional Acupuncture

With tiny, delicate needles inserted and retained for a longer, relaxing session to treat a broad variety of internal medicine conditions and some types of pain.  Treatment is sometimes local to the where the problem is, sometimes not.

Cupping, GuaSha,

Moxa Heat Therapy

Glass, silicone, or plastic cups create suction that draws out stagnant blood and cellular toxins out of sore muscles. Smooth-edged gua-sha "scrapers" do the same. Smoldering moxa (herb) "wool" emits just the right wavelength of infrared to ease pain, boost cellular function, clear inflammation. 


Chinese Herbal Medicine

 Chinese Herbal remedies are just as complex and broad in scope as modern pharmaceutical medicine (though never a substitute) Herbs are used to treat pain, regulate hormones, treat skin diseases, improve digestion, A skilled herbalist improves recovery, function, fertility, performance, and  more.

"I have an inquisitive, curious spirit that led me on many travels in my early years: as far away as China and Korea even!  That is how I became enthralled with acupuncture more than 15 years ago. 

Most Americans barely knew what it was when I began my career!

Today, acupuncture is widely known: featured on Dr. Oz, rigorously studied by world-class medical institutions, highly regarded and considered one of the most promising options for many sufferers of chronic pain.  


I am grateful and honored to have the opportunity improve so many people's lives!  My patients get more enjoyment out of life, and have more of themselves to give back to their families, their work, their friends, their hobbies.....once their pain is gone."

- Jennifer Kapraun, L.Ac., FABORM 

What would you do today if you weren't in pain?
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