Feel Cool, Calm, Rested, and Wise with Acupuncture

All natural, gentle, effective treatment for all major symptoms of menopause and perimenopause: 

  • Fewer, Less Severe Hot Flashes

  • Better Sleep with Less Sweating

  • Reduced Dryness and Pain

  • Balanced Mood & Memory

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New Channel Wellness offers natural, effective treatment by an acupuncturist certified in female reproductive health.

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Acupuncture relieves menopause symptoms:

  • by increasing blood flow to ovaries and adrenal glands

  • by regulating activity in HPO and HPA axis (neuro-endocrine system that lets brain instruct glands and vice versa)

  • by decreasing stress and providing deep relaxation (through the autonomic nervous system)

  • Chinese herbs nourish dry tissues and improve organ function

Acupuncture has been used for healthy aging and libido enhancement in both women and men for centuries.

 Modern research shows that acupuncture has measurable neuro-endocrine effects, increases blood flow to the reproductive organs and has a profound effect on stress, a leading contributor to rapid hormone changes and mood swings.

Went to Jennifer for help for extreme hot flashes that were driving me crazy day and night! She has literally been a life saver in this area....I am so happy with the results and so thankful to only now have a few each day instead of several each hour! Give it a try! Truly life changing for me!!

- Jenn, Relieved Patient on Google Reviews

--5 Stars on Yelp and Google.

Relieving hormonal symptoms for over 10 years

Jennifer Kapraun, L.Ac. is an expert in holistic hormonal health.
Clinical Expertise & Success with 1000s of Patients
12+ Years Experience
 Diverse Patient Populations and Clinical Settings
Nationally Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology
Advanced Credentials in Fertility Enhancement & Neuromeridian Acupuncture
Deep Reverence for the living roots of East Asian Medicine
Gentle, Responsive Needling Techniques & Assertive Treatment Regimens
New Channel Wellness patients get relief from many common complaints around menopause:

One of the most common complaints we see in the clinic.  Acupuncture calms the nervous system, improves bladder function, and improves blood sugar homeostasis so you are able to stay asleep longer.



Our Patients notice decreased frequency and severity of hot flashes with the treatment plans we provide.  Most use a combination of acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  The Acupuncturist will tell you what will work best for you.

Hot Flashes


Many women going through menopause complain that their relationships have suffered because they are so moody or irritable.  Acupuncture improves resistance to stress and soothes irritated nerves.  Be the kind, wise woman you want to be.

Mood Swings


Vaginal Dryness & Low Libido

Chinese herbs and our topical herbal lubricants relieve vaginal dryness and pain, and increase female libido.  You can still enjoy this aspect of your life!


Acupuncture decreases sweating by regulating signals in the autonomic nervous system.  This means you sweat less, tear off your clothes, and change sheets and pajamas less frequently.



Women who age beautifully are those who care for skin from the inside out, whose inner peace , health, & wisdom shine through the  wrinkles.

Facial Acupuncture stimulates collagen, tones facial muscles, and improves color and complexion.

When you look good, you feel good

When you feel good, you look good.

Facial Rejuvenation

"Menopause brings huge, permanent changes to a woman's physical, emotional, and spiritual life.  Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches the treatment of hormonal symptoms - and aging in general  - with great insight and respect.

The transition to a more mature, beautiful, active, healthy body does not have to be a jarring and miserable one.  Though it often feels that way for many modern women.  Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs smooth the hormonal fluctuations of peri-menopause, so you begin to feel the clear, cool, calm wisdom that comes from the natural lowered hormone levels of your post-reproductive years.  

With acupuncture you will weather this change of life with comfort and ease!

- Jennifer Kapraun, L.Ac., FABORM

Get Relief and Enjoy Life More.
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