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Our Holistic Treatments Boost Your Fertility While Improving  Your Health So You Get Pregnant Sooner & Have a Healthier Baby

Have more regular and less painful cycles

Optimize Your Egg Quality & Uterine Lining

Improve Digestive, Immune & Hormonal Health

Get Pregnancy Support & Symptom Relief

New Channel Wellness offers gentle, effective acupuncture and best-quality Chinese herbs  administered by a certified fertility specialist.

New Channel Wellness has served the Cary community since 2017.  All acupuncturists are licensed, certified, and have advanced credentials and clinical experience in specialty treatment.

We truly care about your health and the health of your baby. Our patients sense our honesty and dedication to getting the best results in the shortest time possible.  

A holistic, pro-active approach is best. We meet you where you are, work with your doctor, and support you whether you are using IVF, IUI, or natural conception.

Our treatment approach is different, and truly integrative.  We believe in using time-tested tradtional treatment methods informed by latest research and clinical technology. 

--5 Stars on Yelp and Google.

Happy, healthy moms and babies for over 10 years.

Acupuncture Benefits Reproductive Health:

Increases Blood Flow to Uterus and Ovaries:

Meaning More Nutrients to Cells

Regulates Activity in HPO Axis in the Brain:

For Better Communication Between Brain and Ovaries

Decrease Stress & Provide Deep Relaxation: 

Body Gets Signals of Safety & Abundance for Pregnancy

Reduce Uterine Cramping at Key Times During Menstruation and Implantation: Endometrial Lining is more Hospitable

Increase sperm production and reduce inflammation/heat causing abnormalities:

Increased chances for conception and better embryo quality

Improved libido and overall sexual function:

More chances for conception and improved quality of life

Give your body the best chance of growing a healthy baby.  Get acupuncture!  Schedule your consultation today.

Meet Our Fertility Specialist
Jennifer Kapraun, L.Ac., FABORM

"My passion for fertility treatment began nearly 15 years, when I worked as an intern in the San Francisco office of Dr. Lifang Liang  , a pioneer in fertility acupuncture, patients would  fly from all over the country to be treated by her.

Fast forward to today, and the field of fertility acupuncture has exploded in popularity. There are fertility acupuncturists in most major cities: technology like electro-acupuncture, lasers, and molecularly processed highly targeted nutritional supplements are plugged into the simple, elegant paradigm of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  More and more couples are able to achieve the goal they have longed for: a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. 

I stay abreast of the latest developments in acupuncture protocols, functional , herbal, and nutritional medicine for PCOS, Endometriosis, poor egg quality, and other/unknown causes of infertility.  Give your body the best chance of growing a healthy baby: it wants nothing more than to conceive and bear a child.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs nurture, nourish, and balance your body!  

- Jennifer Kapraun, L.Ac., FABORM 

Clinical Expertise & Success with 1000s of Patients
12+ Years Experience
 Diverse Patient Populations and Clinical Settings
Nationally Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology
Advanced Credentials in Fertility Enhancement & Neuromeridian Acupuncture
Deep Reverence for the living roots of East Asian Medicine
Gentle, Responsive Needling Techniques & Assertive Treatment Regimens

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New Channel Wellness helps patients in all stages of their journey to parenthood :

Have more regular and less painful periods.  Reduce systemic and uterine inflammation.  Improve insulin sensitivity and frequency of ovulation...

PCOS and Endometriosis Treatment


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs bring optimum circulation, regulate hormones, and reduce oxidative stress so that ovarian follicles, oocytes, and sperm develop in an ordered, healthy way increasing chances of conception...

Egg & Sperm Quality Issues


When preparing for ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, embryo transfer or IUI, get your body ready:  have best quality eggs,  most hospitable uterus, and great overall health  to support pregnancy and grow a healthy baby...




Even some of the healthiest couples have trouble conceiving.  If you or your partner are starting later in life, have a family history of infertility, or a medical or gynecological condition get a head start on assessing and improving fertility for best chances of conception...

Pre-conception Preparation


Unexplained Infertility

Acupuncturists consider things often overlooked by conventional medicine.  If you've had a full fertility workup and after months & months of trying  and you're not getting pregnant even though nothing is "wrong",  acupuncture may be for you.


Pregnancy Support

Already pregnant?  Anxious, nauseous, or have other symptoms related to your pregnancy? Acupuncture decreases anxiety, improves energy, relieves symptoms, and helps you feel more secure and comfortable throughout pregnancy...

Jennifer is a gifted acupuncturist whose compassion and knowledge combine to make sessions with her truly restorative. She has helped me.... as I was trying to conceive, during my pregnancy, in the post-partum months....She really listens and thinks about the whole person, gives great herbs and nutritional advice and other realistic solutions for being more balanced in today's world. 

- Marisa, Patient & Mother

Fertility and Libido enhancing treatments have a long history in Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Acupuncturists view your fertility differently - fertility problems can often be diagnosed and corrected with Chinese medicine even when the cause is "unexplained" or untreatable with conventional treatments. 


 Modern research shows that acupuncture has measurable neuro-endocrine effects, increases blood flow to the reproductive system and has a profound effect on stress, a leading contributor to infertility!  

I had hoped to have a child, but after my 45th birthday (and several miscarriages), I imagined my chances were pretty slim. My husband and I wanted to conceive naturally and acupuncture was recommended. I had nothing to lose, and was happy to benefit from the treatments no matter the outcome. Meeting Jennifer I instantly felt at ease and looked forward to every session. She was incredibly knowledgeable, a great listener, gentle and intuitive. Fast forward and I am now the mother of a 2 year old little girl. We had a baby! I'm certain that Jennifer's care was vital in this journey.

-Jody, Patient & Mother

With treatment options available today, true infertility is rarer than you would think.  Most women and men are in fact subfertile and can improve their chances of having a healthy baby when certain measures are taken.  Let us get to the root causes of why you're not getting and staying pregnant:

Create optimum health for the next generation of your family...and for YOU!